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SpotrackEvolution - A Revolution in Follow Spotting.

Spotrack unveils new products at this year’s LDI show...

Spotrack, manufacturers of the world’s leading remotely operated follow spot system, had a strong presence at the recent LDI Show in Las Vegas. Spotrack enables an operator to remotely control from any location, any number of moving lights as follow spots. It works with any moving light and any lighting console, in any performance space and can be used in all entertainment sectors from anywhere in the venue. Spotrack hardware and software comprises a system which is revolutionizing the lighting industry’s approach to spotlight control. Spotrack systems are now in action on a number of high profile global events, as more and more lighting designers and production managers acquaint themselves with the clear advantages the system provides.

Visitors to the show were able to discuss the new features of the latest soon-to-be-released Spotrack 2020 edition of the system at the BCT Entertainment stand, whilst in conjunction with Ushio Japan and Strong Lighting, the Spotrack team conducted regular live demonstrations of this and its brand new follow spot interface, SpotrackEvolution, on the Apex Stages stage. Whilst the forthcoming Spotrack 2020 sees the addition of many new features that allow users more flexibility, some in response to customer feedback, it has been principally upgraded to enable the use of SpotrackEvolution. Used with Spotrack 2020, Evolution allows the use of an existing follow spot, via a simple upgrade in the form of a small hardware accessory, to be used as a controller for Spotrack. Also on show was the company’s entry level TracMe system, the smaller, extremely competitively-priced sibling of Spotrack, which can control up to four moving lights from any vendor in a single universe, opening access to the technology to a greater range of application.

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