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Spotrack to Introduce TracMe at PLASA

Spotrack, manufacturers of the world’s leading remotely operated follow spot system, will be exhibiting at this year’s PLASA Show at London’s Olympia, 15-17 September. Spotrack enables an operator to remotely control from any location, up to fifty moving lights as follow spots. It works with any moving light and any lighting console, in any performance space and can be used in all entertainment sectors for live production from anywhere in the venue. The Spotrack team will be on hand to explain and discuss all aspects of the hardware and software that comprise a system which is revolutionising the lighting industry’s approach to spotlight control. Spotrack systems are to be found in action all around the globe at high profile events, as more and more lighting designers and production managers acquaint themselves with the clear advantages the system delivers.

As Spotrack has become a growing presence in complex productions on the big stage, so unsurprisingly, the company faced demand from smaller operators for a version of the system that could be scaled to meet the needs of the wider market. Whilst not every production demands the capacity to control up to fifty moving lights, as would be the case with Spotrack on a rock and roll arena tour, the essential principles of the system remain very attractive to any lighting operation. With this in mind Spotrack have developed TracMe, the smaller, extremely competitively-priced sibling of Spotrack, which can control up to four moving lights from any vendor in a single universe, opening access to the technology to a greater range of application.

Spotrack CEO Liam Feeney looks forward to introducing TracMe

“We’re excited to be bringing TracMe to PLASA. We’ve witnessed an amazing response from the industry to the impact of Spotrack across a variety of big international productions and it soon became apparent that there was an obvious demand for an entry-level equivalent which could meet the needs of smaller applications. We look forward to showing visitors to PLASA how Spotrack and TracMe can enhance their work and make life easier and safer.”

Spotrack will be exhibiting on Stand N21 at PLASA and look forward to discussing the next generation of spotlight technology with lighting professionals and enthusiasts from around the world.

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